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Where have I been?

Things have changed quite alot in my life since the end of last season...

By Bob Dwyer
April 24, 2005

Well hello from Marshall County Kentucky! I've been through alot over the last couple of years but remain firmly planted in my beliefs that if you maintain the high moral ground good things will follow. My faith, my friends and my mother have kept me struggling to survive and survive I have! My move has produced new fruits of a different kind. Thank you to all who have written, called and stayed in touch during this transition. Now the bad news....... :-( I am not growing watermelons this season. I just couldn't manage to get a field ready so I've decided to sit out a season and sow my thoughts toward next year. Now with that said I will be available to help other growers with their problems and successes as well. My response time may be slow but I will answer. Good luck to all this year and remember to....... keep on growin'


I met the most beautiful, wonderful girl in Paducah, Kentucky named Terrie, who is a transplant from Maryland. Terrie moved to Paducah with the artist relocation program and renovated a house that was built in the late 1850s.

She is co-owner of a business located on the banks of the Ohio River called "A Dog In The Garden". She is an avid gardener and really enjoys the warm southern climate and southern hospitality.

Terrie has dogs that have done therapy work in hospitals and also races them for fun. That's how we met. They are called Whippets and are the best tempered dogs I've ever had the pleasure to be around. There's another story to the Whippets and how we met at a later writing???????

I acquired some beautiful rural property and hope to build a garage, house combo to suit soon. First order of business was to install a septic system so that's where I've started.

Notice the soil structure that has been removed by the bachhoe. Silty, loam clay. Now you know why my melon patch isn't ready???!

It will be a challenge to alter the soil to grow monster melons but remember that's exactly what the world record holder Bill Carson did.

Another challenge was getting to my property this winter when we had a record 19" snowfall in one night! Wow! For the last twelve years in the bootheel of Missouri I was a flatbilly so I forgot what it was like to be a new hillbilly! Luckily I was able to climb out of my vehicle just before it rolled over and laid on it's roof for a week until a local farmer brought over two tractors to pull it out. Seems like people in the country sure are nice to newcomers that pull such foolish maneuvers. Sigh...

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