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The 2004 Growing Season

March 7: Kicking off the 2004 season
The weather is getting warmer and that's a sure sign the Melonman is preparing his patch for this year's crop.

March 31: The seeds are sprouting
I'm getting the seeds ready for another year's growing season. The sire of a champion goes into battle this year!

April 21: Into the ground they go
The seedlings are ready to go into the sandy loam soil and take on the elements. Also, my own personal rainbow shows up besides the patch. An omen of good fortunes to come?

May 27: May flowers, wheat and little else
The winds are blowing too much and the plants are suffering for it. But my neighbor's wheat loves every bit of it!

July 26: Where Have I Been?
Fast foward......where have I been? Well, the computer crashed to the max and health issues again. I'm on the comeback trail though so......remember John Paul Jones!

August 1: Two kinds of harvesting
I pay a visit to my good friend, Donnie Beggs, as he harvests watermelons on his farm. And a few bees are doing their own harvesting around the patch.

October 6: 2004 Season Finale
The 2004 season is a wrap and although I didn't make the record this year, I recorded alot of smiles and new friends along the way!

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