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The 2003 Growing Season

March 18: 2003 Kickoff
A new year and a renewed quest for the World Record Watermelon. The MelonMan prepares his fields for the summer and shows you how he does it.

March 19: See the MelonMan on HGTV
The MelonMan helps the HGTV cable network kickoff a new program - "Garden Giants". Guess what it's about???

April 6: Cooking the new batch
Take a look at this year's crop currently baking in the germination chamber.

April 22: ..and into the ground they go…
The crop goes into the ground - plus a visit from some good friends.

May 6: The snakes and the bees
You've seen the spider, now see the snake and bees. Plus, the weather gives the patch a beating.

May 27: Weather, Birds and Apples
The weather takes its toll on the patch again this year. A bird makes a quick visit to the MelonMan's house and he asks age-old questions...

June 23: Hot weather finally arrives
June hasn't been all that warm in the Missouri bootheel...until now!

July 29: It's Table Time in Missouri
The melons grow and get tables over them to keep them cool. Also checkout the beehives!

August 13: Movin' Missouri Melons
I visit a professional melon grower, help out a bird in trouble, show a few pictures of my own patch, and visit Nashville with a friend.

September 3: Pulling melons from the patch
We pulled a few melons from the patch for Labor Day to donate to worthy charities. I go on a ride harvesting corn, show of my new kitty, and still have a few bigguns left growing in the patch.

September 24: Memphis and Big Melons
It's getting to the end of the 2003 season and I took a trip to Memphis to see family and friends and of course I took along some big melons. And it's harvest time with friends bring in big ones of their own.

October 19: End of season report
I help out a good friend, weigh in with a 219 pound melon for the season, prepare next year's patch and we trade links with Gallagher. Not too shaby, eh?

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