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The 2002 Growing Season

April 4: On the move in 2002!
The MelonMan prepares the patch for another run at the world record!

April 23: Another tornado!
Another tornado strikes the MelonMan again. There's damage, but, maybe not much.

May 13: Even more weather troubles…
The weather pattern doesn't change much in the Missouri Bootheel.

May 29: Memorial Day update
The MelonMan shows the progress of his vines and the effects weather has on them. Also, bees!

June 10: Flowering melons, Finches and Friends
The melons are flowering, the finches have hatched and friends are sending in pictures of their melons. Take a look!

June 23: Yes! We DO have melons!
Melons are finally growing in our patch. Family visit, meet our neighbor and the finches have flown the coop.

July 10: Craaaawdads or crayfish?
The MelonMan gets help from Kyle with his shade tables and discovers that crawdads like melons too.

July 21: Bees and Melons
The MelonMan has a hive and shows the bees on their front porch. Tina shows us progress with the latest from the patch. And a few friends send in pictures.

August 9: The MelonMan grows cantaloupe
And of course it's no average sized cantaloupe. We get a visit from our webmaster and a picture of a melon grown in Alaska.

August 22: The MelonMan in the news
The Southeast Missourian newspaper came out to our can read the article here.

September 5: Friends of the MelonMan
We've received a few pictures from fellow melon growers around the United States. Check out their pictures!

September 16: Another season is in the books!
The MelonMan went out and harvested his two largest melons still growing on the vines. And came up with some BIG 'uns!

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