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The 2001 Growing Season

April 18: Kicking off the 2001 season
It's time to get the patch ready for the new season…and meet NITRO!

May 2: Planting in the patch
We're now ready to put the plants into the patch. We'll show you how we do it.

May 7: Progress in the patch
The plants keep growing in the patch and Nitro tries his paw at being a webmaster.

May 16: Pollinating the plants
The MelonMan shows you how he pollinates his melons in the patch.

May 28: Oh Hail! Moles!!!
Both moles and hail invade the patch as we cope with Mother Nature.

June 13: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature
Mother Nature strikes yet again with heavy rains but the melons ride it out.

July 17: A surprise for Bill Carson
The Melonman and Tina surprise Bill on his birthday.

August 28: Wat-A-Melon Harvest begins!
Although our World Record chance rotted leaving us with five vines, some amazing Giants are being farmed out as donations to worthy causes. We chose to set nine melons on five plants and are pleasantly shocked at how heavy these melons are weighing in. Come in and take a look.

August 28: The MelonMan Story profiled on
The MelonMan is interviewed by Melissa Bigner of Read the article here!

September 4: Veterans, charities and schools join in the harvest
Charities around the area share in the bounty of the MelonMan's harvest.

October 3: Music City Melons
We visit Nashville with our 205 pound melon.

December 11: End of year report
The 2001 season is over and what a successful year for The MelonMan and several other giant growers! Bill Carson still rules as the World Record holder with his 262 pound giant grown in 1990. Its time to start preparing for 2002!!!

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