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The 2000 Growing Season

April 10: The Millenium Season Kickoff
The MelonMan goes for it in the new Millenium! Read how The MelonMan prepares his field to grow a world record melon.

May 2: Tis the Season
The Season is in full swing as fellow melon growers share their progress reports with us.

May 10: Baby Bugs
Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him? The MelonMan captures an intruder in the patch!

May 20: Melon flowers in the Bootheel
It's getting hotter in the Bootheel as the plants start to flower.

May 23: Oh, Hail!
Mother Nature sends hail stones our way and causes lots of problems.

May 27: Now the floods…
First the hail, now the floods come to visit The MelonMan.

June 5: Pollinating Watermelons
The MelonMan shows you how he pollinates his melons…and a robin update.

June 20: News from the garden
The MelonMan culls out melons from the patch.

July 10: Fireworks and Melons
The MelonMan takes time off to celebrate the 4th of July and shows how to hide from the Sun.

July 19: Meet the Zeppelin
Follow The MelonMan through morning exercises, repairing a leaking melon, big tomatoes and see "The Zeppelin"

August 1: Visitors and Butterflies
Visitors come to see the patch and a melon dies on the vine.

August 6: Two Candidates Emerge
See our two world record candidates out in the patch.

August 16: "Catchup" plays catchup
"Catchup" is making great gains while another melon bites the dust.

August 24: "Catchup" has caught up!
"Catchup" is in the fast lane towards The Record as we get the official scales ready.

August 30: The Harvest Begins!
We harvest two of our four giants, "Zeppelin" and "Runt", and take them to the official weigh-in!

September 3: "BTW", another melon has been harvested
We visit "Zeppelin", now on public display, and pull "BTW" from the fields.

September 4: "Catchup" succumbs…
Root rot strikes "Catchup" in the fields. We'll be pulling it later today.

September 7: IT'S OFFICIAL!!! A new Missouri State Record for The MelonMan!
"Catchup" caught up to 242 pounds and a new state record. See the pictures!

September 12: Moving a 242 pound melon…carefully!
Moving "Catchup" from the fields and to the scales wasn't easy. We also visit "Catchup" on display.

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